Day 1

Shred Alchemy
Ok so a little bit more about this program.

It’s based around fasting for 16 hours every day. I know; sounds daunting. But here I am at the end of day 1 and I feel amazing!

So the idea is to ONLY eat between 3pm and 11pm each day.
Workouts usually first thing or around 12 noon.

Then 2 meals plus some snacks.

Caloric Rate
I worked out mine a few weeks ago and it’s 1,800 calories a day to lose the weight I want to.

So that’s the number of calories I can consume in a day.
I use My Fitness Pal and have the app on my phone and i simply input all the food I eat and it gives me a running total and even breaks it down into the macro nutrients.

And you can add your workouts with approx calories burnt and these get added to your total calories so you always know where you are.

Today for example; I consumed 1,437 calories which is 363 less than my target which is good because of course I’m fasting more and only eating two meals, but they are both very nutritious.

None today or tomorrow. I’m easing in gently and will begin the workout on Wednesday,  as outlined for the first 30 days in Shred Alchemy.

Will be pretty similar each day and I’m fine with that.

3 whole eggs, fried in coconut oil
2 slices of Soya and Linseed Wholemeal Toast
Cherry Tomatoes
Strawberries and Blueberries

Grilled Salmon
Quinoa & Wholegrain rice

2 protein bars

Shred Alchemy

One of the wonders of Facebook is all the wonderful and not so wonderful things you can trip over.

I was lucky enough to trip over a guy on Facebook with ripped abs and a great physique. He gives away a PDF eBook all about how to lose stubborn fat using his “Shred Alchemy”.

It is amazing and incredible! So tomorrow I begin Day 1. It’s a 90 day program.
Keep your eyes posted for this week’s posts as I begin this new regime.

Monday Weights Session

Dumbbell Squats
14Kgs x 12 reps
3 sets

Flat Bench Press
16Kgs x 12 reps
3 sets

Kneeling Kroc Row
16Kgs x 12 reps
3 sets

Standing Dumbbell Curls
10Kgs x 12 reps
3 sets

2 Arm Seated Dumbbell Extensions
11Kgs x 12 reps
3 sets

Bench Dips
12 reps
3 sets

Seated Arnold Press
10Kgs x 12 reps
3 sets

Sit-ups x 12 x 2
Leg ups x 12 x 2
Knees up crunches x 12 x 2