Boxing Bag workout!

Earlier this year I got a boxing bag for my garage. I really enjoy giving it a good going over and I’ve got a killer of a workout.

5mins warm-up on Bike
15 press-ups
2mins – boxing
1min rest
4 rounds
15 press-ups
5 mins on spinning bike out of saddle
2mins – boxing
1min rest
4 rounds
15 press-ups
5mins cool-down on Bike
15 press-ups
20 crunchies
20 crunchies
20 legs up crunchies
20 alternating Leg Raises
20 alternating leg raise Crunchies

It really gets my HR pumping and it burns calories!


MyZone App

I love the new Heart Rate monitor I’ve bought called MyZone.

It comes with a great app for iPhone and it has got me really motivated.

The images above are from the app and you can see that it gives some amazing stats and info.

Monthly recommended MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) is 1,300 and that equates to approx 4 workouts a week.
Each month you continue to hit the target of 1,300 MEPs you slowly scale up the awards.

I’m currently on Bronze and all I have to do is make sure I hit the 1,300 target by the end of August and I’ll move up to Silver status!

I’m committed to doing this and getting up as high as I can.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress.

1 year later…

OK, confession time.

One year later and I’m still roughly the same shape and size and weight but a year older!

However, I’m back!
Thanks to joining David Lloyd Healthclub in Bristol. I love it!
I’m addicted to a class they run called “Blaze”. It’s amazing.

More to follow on that.

Plus, I’ve bought a MyZone HR monitor and the app that comes with it is awesome! I’m so motivated.

Further posts to follow.

Day 6

It’s Saturday so changing things around a little today.

I did my workout at 10am.
Spinning Bike HIIT 20mins.
Did some good sprints in this today.

Push ups, Sit ups, & Dips
10 x push ups
10 x sit ups
10 x dips
5 sets

I did all 5 sets. The last set of push ups were still tough.
But feels amazing to have done it!

Tonight we’re out for dinner for a friend’s birthday so I had to eat earlier.

I had usual meal at 10:45am.


Day 5

Sad day today as it was the funeral of a local neighbour.

So I was hard pressed for time. I was also in charge of our Jack Russell dog; Pumpkin. So instead of spinning bike I took her for a long walk. Yeah, I know it’s not the same but needs must.

So no workout today and to be honest I ache all over so not a bad thing to have a day’s rest.

I ate at 3:40pm in the end. And I was ravenous!

Usual eggs, avocado and toast with strawberries.

Dinner was chicken breast, whole wheat pasta and broccoli.

I had 1 protein bar for a snack.

Total cals – 1,408 😃👍🏻


Day 4

So the fasting was really tough this morning. I was starving by 11am.

All I have each morning is lots of water. I use a filter to remove the chlorine and other stuff. And I drink a cup or 2 of black, Nespresso coffee.

Workout – 12:15pm
Honestly, after yesterday I thought there was no way I could do today, but I’m committed.

Spinning Bike HIIT 20mins.
I knew I could at least jump on the spinning bike and do 20mins. Had a great session.
But then something possessed me!

Push ups, Sit ups, & Dips
10 x push ups
10 x sit ups
10 x dips
5 sets

I did all 5 sets. The last set of push ups were so so hard.
But I felt amazing having done it!

I missed out the Plyo boxing. I’m not going to do that. I might get a proper boxing punch bag and add it in in Month 2.

3pm Meal
3 whole eggs fried in coconut oil
2 slice of toast (seedy wholemeal)
Medium Avocado – mushed onto each slice.
Cherry tomatoes
12 Pecan nuts
7 strawberries

Wow! I loved this today and really needed it.

Brown Rice

Snacks I went a bit overboard with 2 protein bars and a banana and 13 almonds.

2085 calories but still happy.

Day 3

Today was the first day of adding in training!

I was really excited but apprehensive too. Working out on an empty tank was new to me.

I did the workout at 12 noon.

Spinning Bike

20mins HIIT
4mins warm up
1 min slow
1 min sprint

It was amazing to sweat bucket loads, but I may have overdone it a bit!

Plyo – Shadow Boxing & Kicking
This was me punching and kicking for a minute each.

Push ups, sit ups and dips
15 x Push ups,
15 x sit ups
10 x dips
5 sets.

OMG! This was so intense. Got the number of reps so wrong. Last 2 sets nearly killed me so I’ve scaled them back to begin with.

No weight training until Month 2/Day 60. But I tell you what, there’s no way I could have done any, so Justin has got this spot on!

Felt so shattered later on in the evening – I had definitely over done it!

Boy oh boy did my 3pm meal feel amazing. I could almost feel my body digesting it immediately after I’d finished!

3pm will always be the same. (Weekends may be trickier but we’ll see.)

Grilled Salmon
Quinoa and Wholegrain Rice

2 protein bars
Pink Lady Apple with 12 almonds
Slice of toast with Peanut butter

1,801 calories but had a deficit added for the workout of about 284 cals. So all good.

Day 2

Feeling good today.

I’m down 2lbs already. I’ll update my starting weight etc on the Progress page later on this week.

I consumed 1,621 calories and again managed to go all the way until 3pm before the first meal.

This time I spread the avocado on to the toast and put the eggs on top. It was scrummy!

Dinner was:
Chick Pea salad
Tender Stem Broccoli

Snacks were 2 protein bars.

I need some sweet potatoes so they’re on the shopping list.

Day 1

Shred Alchemy
Ok so a little bit more about this program.

It’s based around fasting for 16 hours every day. I know; sounds daunting. But here I am at the end of day 1 and I feel amazing!

So the idea is to ONLY eat between 3pm and 11pm each day.
Workouts usually first thing or around 12 noon.

Then 2 meals plus some snacks.

Caloric Rate
I worked out mine a few weeks ago and it’s 1,800 calories a day to lose the weight I want to.

So that’s the number of calories I can consume in a day.
I use My Fitness Pal and have the app on my phone and i simply input all the food I eat and it gives me a running total and even breaks it down into the macro nutrients.

And you can add your workouts with approx calories burnt and these get added to your total calories so you always know where you are.

Today for example; I consumed 1,437 calories which is 363 less than my target which is good because of course I’m fasting more and only eating two meals, but they are both very nutritious.

None today or tomorrow. I’m easing in gently and will begin the workout on Wednesday,  as outlined for the first 30 days in Shred Alchemy.

Will be pretty similar each day and I’m fine with that.

3 whole eggs, fried in coconut oil
2 slices of Soya and Linseed Wholemeal Toast
Cherry Tomatoes
Strawberries and Blueberries

Grilled Salmon
Quinoa & Wholegrain rice

2 protein bars

Shred Alchemy

One of the wonders of Facebook is all the wonderful and not so wonderful things you can trip over.

I was lucky enough to trip over a guy on Facebook with ripped abs and a great physique. He gives away a PDF eBook all about how to lose stubborn fat using his “Shred Alchemy”.

It is amazing and incredible! So tomorrow I begin Day 1. It’s a 90 day program.
Keep your eyes posted for this week’s posts as I begin this new regime.