Day 3

Today was the first day of adding in training!

I was really excited but apprehensive too. Working out on an empty tank was new to me.

I did the workout at 12 noon.

Spinning Bike

20mins HIIT
4mins warm up
1 min slow
1 min sprint

It was amazing to sweat bucket loads, but I may have overdone it a bit!

Plyo – Shadow Boxing & Kicking
This was me punching and kicking for a minute each.

Push ups, sit ups and dips
15 x Push ups,
15 x sit ups
10 x dips
5 sets.

OMG! This was so intense. Got the number of reps so wrong. Last 2 sets nearly killed me so I’ve scaled them back to begin with.

No weight training until Month 2/Day 60. But I tell you what, there’s no way I could have done any, so Justin has got this spot on!

Felt so shattered later on in the evening – I had definitely over done it!

Boy oh boy did my 3pm meal feel amazing. I could almost feel my body digesting it immediately after I’d finished!

3pm will always be the same. (Weekends may be trickier but we’ll see.)

Grilled Salmon
Quinoa and Wholegrain Rice

2 protein bars
Pink Lady Apple with 12 almonds
Slice of toast with Peanut butter

1,801 calories but had a deficit added for the workout of about 284 cals. So all good.

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