Day 4

So the fasting was really tough this morning. I was starving by 11am.

All I have each morning is lots of water. I use a filter to remove the chlorine and other stuff. And I drink a cup or 2 of black, Nespresso coffee.

Workout – 12:15pm
Honestly, after yesterday I thought there was no way I could do today, but I’m committed.

Spinning Bike HIIT 20mins.
I knew I could at least jump on the spinning bike and do 20mins. Had a great session.
But then something possessed me!

Push ups, Sit ups, & Dips
10 x push ups
10 x sit ups
10 x dips
5 sets

I did all 5 sets. The last set of push ups were so so hard.
But I felt amazing having done it!

I missed out the Plyo boxing. I’m not going to do that. I might get a proper boxing punch bag and add it in in Month 2.

3pm Meal
3 whole eggs fried in coconut oil
2 slice of toast (seedy wholemeal)
Medium Avocado – mushed onto each slice.
Cherry tomatoes
12 Pecan nuts
7 strawberries

Wow! I loved this today and really needed it.

Brown Rice

Snacks I went a bit overboard with 2 protein bars and a banana and 13 almonds.

2085 calories but still happy.

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